Chester Edisto Models the Male Wrap

Pulled: Thursday June 2, 2011 from a local rescue

Rescue commitment: Friday October 21, 2011 by Last Chance Animal Rescue

Introducing the greatest invention ever: the washable male wrap by Simple Solution, modeled by Chester Edisto.

As mentioned in a previous post, Chester E. feels the need to mark his territory whenever a foster dog goes to his new home or Emma and Mr. K visit the grandparents. We think that he thinks we decide to get rid of dogs at random, and that marking our house as his will make us more likely to keep him. So wrong, Chester E.

I’ve loved my fostering experience, but one thing that I’m incredibly paranoid about is the dreaded dog smell. My sense of smell is my superpower. I can smell everything from a drop of pee in Jack’s diaper to the faint odor of food that Arina tries to sneak now and then.

I do not want my house to smell like dog. Or dog pee. So, lots of doggie wipe downs, sweeping and mopping, and now: Chester E.’s male wrap. To call it a doggie diaper would be too insulting. We pretend it’s a doggie accessory. And it looks and works like a belt; it straps around his belly, covering his — um, masculinity, as it says on the instructions — and Velcro-ing at the back.

We haven’t had a single marking incident since. — b/c for Chester E. to do so, he’d have to mark himself. And, that’s just gross. Even for a dog.

See Edisto, below, sleeping in a sun beam, on a soft blanket, with a toy beside him. Life is sweet.

And even sweeter with a friend:

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