Chester Jefferson-Williams, A Baker’s Dozen

We still have thirteen pups! A baker’s dozen!

And I’m starting to be able to tell them apart more easily. Who would have thought that they’d start developing their own little quirks so soon?

For example: Chester Taylor, one of the black female pups, has a habit of “playing dead.” When she sleeps, her legs go stiff and her tongue lolls out one side of her mouth. She frightened me several times a day yesterday and today, though I *think* I’m finally used to it. I was showing Scott last night. We were both laughing at her stiff little legs, until she rolled her eyes back and stuck out her tongue. Then, in near unison, we said, “Okay, Chester Taylor. You’re freaking me out,” and both reached to pick her up and move her, thereby forcing her to change her position.

Chester Marion, the largest tan/white female, is the squirmer. — so much so that she’s been dropped (short distances, thank goodness) three times. I lost my grip when I was handing her off to Scott, who lost his grip and ended up handing her off to the floor. Chester I. did not look at us disapprovingly, however, because Marion is the one pup that Chester I. also dropped when she was transporting them one day. Poor Marion. You just wouldn’t expect such a young pup, and a chubby one at that, to be able to get around so quickly. Needless to say, all three of us handle her as little as possible now.

And, yes, I was a basket case after Scott and I fumbled with her. I was googling, while shamefaced, “Dropped newborn puppy” and making Scott look for signs of white gums/tongue. — apparently signs of internal bleeding. Fortunately, Chester M. made it easy for Scott to examine her, since she was getting bored with us fussing over her, and yawned repeatedly. At last, I consented to let her nap like she wanted to, though I was tempted to shake her every few minutes, to make sure she didn’t have a concussion. Scott kept reminding me that (1) she didn’t fall on her head, and that (2) we both had our hands on her (trying to catch her) nearly her entire way down. Whatever. I’m pretty sure I saw him check her too, at least a couple of times when he thought I wasn’t looking.

And Chester Ellen is the easiest to tell apart, because she’s the one black&white pup of the group. I’ve already featured her in a photo, but I have to include another. Notice the cutest pink and black nose ever.

And guess who is loving all of the puppies in the house? Baby Jack! He’s fascinated by them. I let him hold one (under close supervision and while he was sitting down, of course). He was so protective of her. Mr. Knightley, our dachshund, tried to get close for a sniff, and Jack said, “No, no, no, Ni-ly!” He screamed when we took the pup away. Note: We chose Chester Taylor for him to hold. — the one that rests in the super stiff rather than squirmy position.

And, Arina loves them too, of course. But, you can tell in the following photo that she’s well aware of Mommy’s and Daddy’s mishap with Chester M. She’s holding her pup so closely that you can’t even tell she’s holding one. And she still looks a little freaked.

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