A-Z: Where are they now?

1) Chester, the First or Chester Andrews. Renamed Jethro. Adopted by Sabra Smith.

Chester A. remained local, which is lucky for me, because I get to pet-sit occasionally. Sabra was Julia McKinney’s friend first; Julia told Sabra that she should meet me and adopt my foster dog; and, Sabra did just that. And now I have a new friend. Here are photos of Sabra and Jethro, romping around in our backyard. I’m actually in the background of one, holding Edisto, who kept trying to get into the photo, Goober that he is. And Goober that I am, I didn’t move far enough away, so he still got in it. — though I’ve since managed to crop us out. Only my legs and feet remain.

Chester A.’s days are full of kisses and belly rubs. He’s a happy, happy dog.

2) Chester Berkeley. Renamed Chester Bark. Adopted by Federica Clementi and Chris Holcomb.

Chester B. continues to live the good life with parents, Federica and Chris. He’s also local, so I’ve told F&C that we’ll dog-sit whenever they need us. But, Chester B. is so easily transportable that he’s spent much of his summer at the beach, loving every minute of it.

Although: I don’t think it really matters to Chester B. if he’s in Columbia or Beaufort, as long as he has a lap to sit it.

And, if that’s your goal, then you’re a lucky dog, Chester B.!

3) Chester Clover. Renamed Carley. Adopted by Jenny Rhoad.

Chester C. isn’t as local as Chesters A. and B., but she lives in McBee, SC, the small town where I grew up. She’s enjoying her life in the county with her mother, Jenny, who is also her best friend forever. Chester C. wants to go nearly everywhere with Jenny and will follow her to the bathroom and sit at the door impatiently until J. comes out again. The only place she does not want to follow her: the garden. She’d much rather sit in the air conditioned house and watch from the window while Jenny works in the sweltering SC heat.

Chester C. is a princess indeed.

4) Chester Dillon. Passed away from distemper.

Anglophile that I am, I’ll type for Dillon the epitaph Queen Victoria wrote for her spaniel, since these are qualities I’m sure Chester D. would have had, had he lived to show them:

“Here lies DASH, the Favourite Spaniel of Queen Victoria By whose command this Memorial was erected. He died on the 20 December, 1840 in his 9th year. His attachment was without selfishness, His playfulness without malice, His fidelity without deceit. READER, if you would live beloved and die regretted, profit by the example of DASH.”

5) Chester Edisto. Still available. Want to adopt? See the following link, for all posts featuring Chester E. the Wonder Dog. And there’s a lot of them.


Update: Rescued! Friday October 21, 2011 by Last Chance Animal Rescue

6) Chester Florence. Renamed Molly. Adopted by Sue and Wayne Crow.

Chester F. is living in Aiken, SC. It was rough going for awhile, because she loved her parents, Sue and Wayne, so much that she would hurt either the house or herself if they left her alone for a few hours. She would chew the door frame. When kenneled so that she wouldn’t chew the door frame, she’d try to chew her way out of the kennel, making her gums bleed.

But, finally, life is calmer at the Crows’ house. — after bitter apple spray for the doors and lots of positive reinforcement for Chester F.

Here’s Chester F., sporting a pony tail and playing with . . . something that looks like a mustard bottle. Hopefully it’s a squeak toy and not the real thing.

Correction: Sue just wrote to tell me that Chester F. is guarding her squeak toy cell phone. So much more fitting than a bottle of mustard for my miss priss of a Chester!

7 and 8 ) Chesters Gilbert and Hampton. Renamed Cooper and Romeo. Adopted by: Peggy and Mike Sudol.

Chesters G. and H. are living where Scott and I lived for a few years after we were married: on Johns Island. They share a lovely home with their parents, Peggy and Mike, who will occasionally give them control of the remote.

They are still terrified of the vet’s office, but Peggy was smart enough to take Mike as reinforcement when she took them for their first visit. And Chester G. and H.’s vet is sympathetic enough, after hearing their sad shelter dog story, to not take their seemingly irrational fear/dislike of her too personally.

9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 and 23) Chesters Iva, Jefferson, Kline, Lydia, Marion, New Ellenton, Oates, Patrick, Quinby, Ruby, Sumter, Taylors, Ulmer, Vaucluse and Williams. Rescued by Save-A-Litter.

Iva and her remaining pups are thriving in Logansville, Georgia. We lost a couple of pups before the transport, and the new foster mother, Carolyn, has lost a couple more since. — to be expected, I suppose, with such a huge litter. Rather than saying they died, I’ll continue being an Anglophile and say, instead, that “God’s finger touched [them], and [they] slept.” — Tennyson.

And the ones that aren’t “sleeping” are romping around with open eyes (that were still closed when I said my goodbyes) and with lots of puppy cuteness. And, I get the most hilarious updates from Carolyn about Iva. The latest? Iva has been trying to take over Carolyn and hubby’s bed. When they get in it at night, Carolyn says, they find squirming puppies behind their pillows and in their sheets. — along with their stinky presents.

They moved Iva and pups behind a baby gate. Iva broke out. Then they put Iva and pups in a crate. Iva somehow managed to pry the bottom bars up and slip out with her brood.

So, the battle to find the perfect place to nest continues. Fortunately, Carolyn says she and her family are in love with Chesters I-W.

24) Chester PaXville. Still available. Want to adopt? See the following link, for all posts featuring Chester X:


And here’s a recent photo of the big baby. He’s found a cool place (under our wood deck) to enjoy the summer day:

And, here’s Chester E., who always manages to look like he just got caught doing something very bad. /sigh.

25) Chester York. Renamed Pepper. Adopted by Lisa Bailey.

Chester Y. has found his home here in Columbia. Here in the Columbia, SC USC English department family, no less. (I know you’ve moved to the business school, Lisa, but you’ll always be part of the English department to us).

I’m especially happy about this, because Chester Y. is the sweetest little guy, and I’m looking forward to seeing him often. I’ve always had a fondness for squirrels . . . and . . . well, Chester Y. looks and acts like a slightly overgrown one. He’s a gray ball of timidity and playfulness and mischievousness (just a little bit of the latter).

He’s currently recovering from heartworm treatment. New mom reports that he’s doing well and following doctor’s orders to take it easy (see below). Good boy, Chester Y.!

26) Chester PelZer. Still available. Want to adopt? See the following link, for the post introducing Chester Z.


And here’s Chester Z., saying “Love me, please. You know you want to.”

At 20 lbs full grown, this 11 month old is probably the most unusual looking and photogenic dog we’ve ever had. And she’s in the running for the sweetest too.

We don’t really think PelZer fits Chester Z. We’ve been calling her “PelZ Belz” instead, but we aren’t sure about that either. Casey thinks she looks like Raggedy Ann and Andy’s dog, Rags. So, maybe we’ll try RagZ.

The problem with the name isn’t really a problem at all, though, because she follows us around everywhere, whether we call her or not.

Update: Adopted! August 2011 by Kathy Schrum Peck

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