Chesters A-H, squared

Pulled: Wednesday August 10, 2011 from the Marlboro County Animal Shelter

Rescue Commitments for Abbie Faith, Duncan, Fairfax and Hilda: Friday October 21, 2011 by Dog Tags; for Elloree: Friday October 21, 2011 by Last Chance Animal Rescue

Adoption Commitments for Bradley: Wednesday October 5, 2011 by Bryan Germann and Catherine Eisner; for Cayce (renamed Truman): Sunday October 2, 2011 by Lauren Eyler and Dawn Perry

Meet my Chester A, squared. She’s my 27th foster, which means that I’ve worked my way through the alphabet once. And here we go again. This is my Chester Abbeville (Abbie), Middle Mutt’s Faith. So we shall call her Chester Abbie Faith.

I got an email from my friend in rescue, Whitney, asking if I would be willing to take a sweet bull terrier mix that was delivering pups “as we speak.” I said, “Of course!” Whitney’s fabulous rescue organization, Last Chance Animal Rescue, will be taking Chester A. and her seven gorgeous pups after we’ve cared for them awhile. — unless, of course, I can manage to find them good homes here, thus freeing up space for Whitney to rescue others!

I have tons of work this week, since classes at USC start next week, but I just grabbed one of my Assistant Directors (Casey, who has become my Assistant Director in both First-Year English Program world and in life) and said “Road Trip!” Luckily, we work well in the car together. — better, sometimes, in fact, since we can’t escape. And Casey’s friend (and my new friend), Kat, came along as well, making us take breaks from shop talk to discuss television shows. So, yay for Kat!

One of Abbie Faith’s guardian angels, Kenny from Marlboro County, met us halfway with her. Huge thanks to Kenny for caring so much about Abbie Faith and pups to be willing to make the drive! Here’s our first glimpse of the newest Fisk fosters:

Since I was literally driving past the vet I use in Bishopville, I stopped to see if Dr. Currie could give Abbie Faith an exam, since she hadn’t been vetted. He kindly agreed to fit us in, and I’m glad he did. Poor Abbie Faith has hookworms and heartworms. The latter is serious, though treatable. However, we’ll have to wait until her pups are weaned to do so, since she’ll have to spend three days away from them, at the animal hospital. Then, she’ll have to take it easy for a month afterward. If ever a dog deserved to take it easy a month, it’s Chester A.

She is young (2 years at the most), underweight, and her ears seem to have been recently cropped. Dr. Currie had to pull out the stitches and said that whoever did so must not have had the proper equipment, since the cuts are jagged. She was such a good tolerant girl during the entire exam, only whining once or twice, because she wanted off the table to check on her pups. The nurses and Dr. Currie were all taken with her. But, how could you not be?

I mean really. Look at those eyes:

And, of course, it’s easy to be taken by a dog surrounded by puppy cuteness. Exhibit A:

And Exhibit B: ohmygoodnesssoadorable

We have seven, four boys and three girls: Chesters Bradley (boy); Cayce (boy, after Casey Carroll!); Duncan (boy); Elloree (girl); Fairfax (boy); Gaffney (girl); and Hilda (girl). More photos of the pups to come.

Middle Mutts has set up a chip-in for Abbie Faith and pups, since vetting care will no doubt be expensive:

And, yes, the first seven donors giving $20 or more will have an opportunity to name a pup! I have to go ahead and assign names, because I have a crazy thing for names. BUT I love people who are willing to foster for me (yes, you John Muckelbauer), and who are willing to donate funds so that I can foster more (wish I could do a heroes list here, Stephen Colbert style). So if you foster for me or donate funds, I will call any dog whatever you want me too. 😉

And: how is Scott taking this? His response after seeing Chester Z was “I love it when you get new dogs, because I can get away with doing whatever I want. I think I’m going to play Battlefield 2 now.”

Well, truthfully, his first response was, “What the hell is that?” because Casey and I thought it would be funny to see how long it would be before he noticed Chester Z, who was napping under a chair, on his own. It was a full 10 minutes at least, which enabled me to say: “What?! You didn’t even know she was here! She’ll be no trouble at all!”

(I think it’s appropriate to slip in a photo of fosters Z and E. Chester Edisto is in heaven, since the red-haired girl he adores has finally consented to nap beside him.)

For all his blustering, Scott Fisk is a big mush when it comes to dogs. I thought Abbie Faith needed to sleep in his outside shop, so she’d have access to the fenced in back yard; she has an upset stomach b/c of her hookworms. Scott thought it would be too hot, so he bought a window unit for his shop. — something he was never willing to spend the money on for himself.

And then he made her a whelping box out of the window unit packaging. So, Scott Fisk: no more of this “my wife is fostering dogs” business. WE are fostering dogs, Sweetheart. We are.

3 Responses to “Chesters A-H, squared”

  1. Meredith Simmons Says:

    I totally think you have an addiction. But, oh what a wonderful addiction to have! Happy that my Ed has a girlfriend!

  2. Sandra Says:

    We are bottle feeding Gaffney and I am happy to report that she has one eye open and is strengthing her legs. Mark is really enjoying being “Mr. Mom”! She is eating great and wiggles her ears when she sleeps! Thanks so much for giving us this wonderful opportunity to help. Sandra

  3. fisknp Says:

    Thank YOU so much, Sandra and Mark. We’re so appreciative. — more than you know! Keep us updated! And I’m glad you found my web site. I mention you and Mark and the wonderful work you’re doing in my latest post. xo.

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