Chesters B-H squared: Puppy close ups

I’m happy to report that Chester Abbie Faith and brood seem to be thriving. The pups seem to be getting fatter and more mobile much more quickly than Iva’s pups. They were only born on Wednesday, but at four days old, they are squirming, squeaking bundles of cuteness.

And here are close-ups of Abbie’s pups, with their temporary names. And, yes, this is what I’m using as an alphabet primer for Jack.

Bradley (boy):

Cayce (boy):

Duncan (boy):

Elloree (girl):

Fairfax (boy):

Gaffney (girl):

Hilda (girl):

Last Chance Animal Rescue (a truly awesome rescue organization) is willing to take Chesters A-H, squared and to find homes for them, but I will probably have them until they’re weaned. Abbie Faith has heartworms, and it will be so much less expensive to treat her here than in New York, where the rescue is located. So . . . if anyone would like to adopt Abbie Faith or a puppy, let me know! For every dog for whom I’m able to find a home, the rescuers at Last Chance will be able to take another in need.

But, yes, we’ll have 8+ dogs for several more weeks. When I broke the news to Scott, I spun it as “Well, at least you’ll get to see them with their eyes open!” He bemoaned the fact that Iva’s pups went to rescue before the eye-opening event.

He had a breakthrough last night, though. Scott’s #1 complaint about all the craziness I bring into his life is that he likes his life to be EASY. He would love to come home after work, play Battlefield 2, or watch Top Gear.

He admitted, though, that when he’s an old man, he won’t remember those game-playing or television episodes. He’ll remember, instead, a pack full of dogs running around while a 6-year and almost 2-year old pretend to be dogs too. — and the two of us trying to bring order to the chaos of it all and finally embracing it and each other.

And, by that point, he *may* even remember it fondly.

Or, he may be crazy and running around like a pretend dog himself.

Update on Bradley: Adopted! Wednesday October 5, 2011 by Bryan Germann and Catherine Eisner

Update on Cayce: Adopted! Sunday October 2, 2011 by Lauren Eyler and Dawn Perry

Update on Elloree: Rescued! Friday October 21, 2011 by Last Chance Animal Rescue

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