Update to A-Z: Where are they now?

In early August, I wrote a post entitled “A-Z: Where are they now?” for my first trip through the alphabet with my first 26 fosters:


And here’s the Cliff Notes version:

Chester A: Adopted by Sabra Smith; Chester B: Adopted by Federica Clementi and Chris Holcomb; Chester C: Adopted by Jenny Rhoad; Chester D: Passed away from distemper; Chester E: Oh, Edisto; Chester F: Adopted by Sue and Wayne Crow; Chester G&H: Adopted by Peggy Sudol; Chesters I-W: Rescued by Save-A-Litter; Chester X: See update below; Chester Y: Adopted by Lisa Bailey; Chester Z: See update below!

I’m happy to update the previous post by saying that Chesters X and Z have been adopted. So, yes, that means that the only foster left from the first trip through the alphabet is Edisto. SIGH.

24) Chester PaXville. Renamed Max. Adopted by Jim Summey.

Chester X spent some time with us before moving to a second foster home with my colleague and friend, John Muckelbauer. In the photos, below, PaXville is lounging on John’s perfectly loungable couch . . .

. . . and getting acquainted with John’s friends, like super-smart cutie, Brooke Rollins.

John changed Chester PaXville’s name to Maximus Noggin, which suits him! He also told me that Max needed to be adopted into a home with a big yard (J was taking M on four walks a day to tire him out!) and with other dogs. Enter Mr. Summey.

Mr. Summey lives across from Lisa Bailey, which is great for me, because I can visit Chesters Y and X at the same time. He has a large fenced-in yard, with two neighbor dogs, one beside and one behind. Max has made fast friends with them, and they “talk” to each other through the chainlink fence and race along the side.

He has dog houses and shade and toys and food and drink. Plus, Mr. Summey will let Max inside to lounge with his human pack now and then. But, Max loves being outside in “his” yard! And, as soon as he learns to stop chewing the cover on Mr. Summey’s town car (!), Mr. Summey says he’ll be the PERFECT dog.

26) Chester Z. Renamed Cassie. Adopted by Kathy Schrum Peck.

Chester Z, renamed Cassie, is fitting in well with her new family, the Pecks. In the photo, above, she is being loved by new Mom, Kathy. And, in the photo, below, she is being loved by new Dad, John.

Someone asked John how Cassie’s feline siblings are handling the new arrival. John replied in the way that countless parents have replied to the same question, whether asked about fur baby siblings or human ones:

“They don’t care for her, but they’ll get over it.”

And, after shared experiences like birthday parties . . .

and outdoor play . . .

and baths and indoor play . . .

the cats will be “in the same vicinity” as Cassie, as the following photo caption reads.

Success! I imagine that, with cats, being in the same vicinity is often as good as it gets. Well done, Cass.

Upcoming post will feature current fosters!

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