Puppy cuteness. And Edisto’s bad note.

Chesters A-H squared are rolling, tumbling pups now. They started climbing out of their whelping box, so I bought a $10 plastic pool from Wal-Mart, and put them in it. They promptly climbed out of it too.

Lucky for them, they’re cute. Really cute. See Exhibit A, Chester Fairfax:

And Exhibit B, Chesters Bradley, Cayce Truman, and Hilda:

Yes, Bradley has the cutest puppy cheeks ever. But Cayce Truman, below, is showcasing his best feature: a guitar-shaped white mark on his face. He is destined to be a rock star.

And Exhibit C, Chesters Elloree and Duncan:

But perhaps the best example of puppy cuteness is Chester Fairfax, below, who is tired of his foster mother’s attempts to document puppy cuteness:

And now for the “Edisto” part of the post. As many of you know, our daughter, Arina, does not mix well with second grade. 12 days of school thus far. 8 notes for “too much talking” or “not listening.”

Edisto may have one-upped her, though. We hired our first pet-sitter from a professional pet-sitting service this past weekend. Edisto’s first pet-sitter. We came home to Edisto’s first “bad” note: “E. was too scared to eat . . . Had to carry E. to bed.” Etc.

Oh, Edisto.

Kincaid, on the other hand, ate all of his food and caught every toy the pet-sitter threw his way.

And, although she didn’t say, I’m sure Kincaid licked the pet-sitter affectionately. — because he licks everything and everyone affectionately. He actually walked into Scott’s shop, thankfully while I was there and able to hold Chester Abbie Faith back. He went up to her pups, licked each one, and walked out.

He’s a dunderhead, but a lovable dunderhead. And so photogenic:

(BTW: Scott just scolded me for calling Kincaid a dunderhead, because he’s a “GREAT dog,” and S. said I was “selling him short.” So to qualify: K. is not a dunderhead, although I think we can all agree that licking the pups was a dunderheaded thing to do).

Kincaid is photogenic, but Edisto has perfected the “Yes, I know I’m a Goober and that I’m busted” look.

No note from the pet-sitter about pretty foster Isla, because she’s so easy and so transportable that we took her on our weekend trip to Charleston. She was a hit with Scott’s family and even charmed Mr. Fisk into sharing his bed. She slipped into his room in the middle of the night, while we were sleeping, and put her paws up on his side of the bed. How can you say no to such a cute pooch, with a crippled leg to boot?

Still no takers, though, on Chesters Edisto, Kincaid or Isla. — no takers as far as adopting them, but also feel free to contact me to if you’d be interested in fostering them. That would open space for me to pull another; and, I would take fosters back or swap them out as needed.

Yesterday, one of the rescue organizations I work with asked me if I could foster a senior Beagle from the Marlboro County Animal Shelter. This is the first time, I think, that I’ve had to say “no.” Well, I didn’t say no, because I don’t know how. Scott said no, and my friend at the rescue did too when she realized how many dogs we have right now. “You have your hands FULL,” she said, “Let me contact this other rescue group.”

STILL, I remembered an article I read in the Post and Courier on Sunday, about how people should consider adopting/fostering Senior dogs:


I have never fostered a senior dog, nor really considered doing so for that matter. So, it seemed providential to get a request about fostering a senior the following morning!

Plus, I dreamed last night that Jack and I took the bus, realized that we didn’t have any money for the bus, and confessed to the bus driver, who subsequently dropped us off in Bennettsville, at the Marlboro County Shelter! So, of course, we had to go in and get the senior Beagle.

Thankfully, I woke up before the “getting home and telling Scott” part of the dream. Or the part of the dream where I’m busted for hoarding dogs.

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