Featuring Current Fosters (9/11/2011): Chesters Lexi and Mac. And the Pups.

Chester Lexington; Pulled: Friday September 2, 2011 from City of Columbia Animal Shelter


Chester McBee; Pulled: Saturday September 3, 2011 from Melissa Ann McLaughlin-lein

Adoption commitments: None; still available.

Sweet Norfolk Terrier, Chester Lexi (see above), is currently being fostered by colleague and friend Sandra Keller. I was anxious to get Lexi into another home not because she’s too much trouble but because she’s much too sweet to have to deal with Chester Mac’s shenanigans (see below).

Yes, Mac seems to be cute and calm and free of all shenanigans. But, he’s a crazy man. He’s 4 months, which must be adolescence in dog time, because he is an 8 lb bundle of hormones. He can’t see Lexi without jumping on her back and bouncing against her obnoxiously.

Lexi has tried running away from him, growling/snapping at him, and simply ignoring him. But he’s been driving her and all of us crazy.

My vet recommended getting dogs spayed/neutered at 5-6 months. But, if I bring in Mac and put Lexi in front of him, I think he’ll agree to a 4-month old emergency neuter.

In the meantime, Lexi is getting the peace and quiet she deserves with Sandra, who she adores. Sandra came to get her this past Monday, and Lexi happily followed her to the car and jumped in, without a look back.

When I called Sandra to see how Lexi was doing, Sandra gushed about how well she was settling in. “But, she misses you, I’m sure,” she said, seeming to think that my feelings may be hurt otherwise.

No, Sandra. I KNOW that Lexi is right where she should be, and she knows it too!

And Arina is enjoying Mac, because she can carry him around so easily.

And I know that’s not the best photo of Mac, but he’s almost impossible to photograph. Sometimes I think he has more ferret in him than dog. His long legs enable him to run so fast and jump so high that, more often than not, he somehow ends up around your shoulders or on your head rather than in your lap.

Luckily, he’s a devoted little guy and doesn’t even have to be on a leash. He will stay beside you wherever you go. And we can let him outside and trust that he’ll sit, sunning, on the front porch. And I say “luckily” because with his energy and those legs, he could easily be in another state if he so chose.

And, in puppy news, Bradley has been spoken for! He’s the brown sweetie with the chubby cheeks. See him, below, giving still available sister, Hilda, a kiss. Bradley’s the sweet one, and Hilda’s the social one. She’s in the most puppy photos, because she’s the one who goes from pup to pup, cuddling and playing with ALL multiple times a day.

So, our four still available pups are:

From left to right: Fairfax (male), Elloree (female), Hilda (female) and Duncan (male).

Fairfax, my favorite, plays with a toy fox in the photo below. He’s the chatterbox of the bunch, vocalizing via whine whenever he wants something. — “something” being, most of the time, food or a cuddle. He has a super cute small brown spot where his tail starts (not pictured).

Elloree, often referred to as “the cow one,” is the go-getter. She plays to win, nibbling ears if the need arises in games of puppy wrestling. If we hear Hilda (Elloree’s favorite playmate) screech, we say, “play nice, Elloree” without even looking.

And Duncan is our laid-back pup. He rarely whines, and he’s the pup who can sleep anywhere, whether he’s surrounded by brothers and sisters or not. One day, I found him curled up in Scott’s toolbox, perfectly content. Unsurprisingly, here he is, giving in to Elloree’s bullying. “Whatever,” he seems to say.

If you’re interested in Lexi, Max, Duncan, Elloree, Fairfax or Hilda, contact me!

Update on Bradley: Adopted! Wednesday October 5, 2011 by Bryan Germann and Catherine Eisner

Update on Duncan, Fairfax and Hilda: Rescued! Friday October 21, 2011 by Dog Tags

Update on Elloree: Rescued! Friday October 21, 2011 by Last Chance Animal Rescue

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