Quinby gets a new ride. And I do too!

Today, Scott is awesome, because he made a wheelchair for new foster Quinby.

Parts include: 1 doggie harness, which we had; 2 wheels from an old umbrella stroller, which we had; unused velco car seat strap padding, which we had; 2 velcro straps from an old pair of Arina’s knee pads, which we had; lightweight aluminum piping and bolts, which we bought.

At first, Quinby wasn’t too sure . . .

. . . but, once outside, she learned how great doggie wheelchairs really are.

She ran from one side of the yard to the other, standing at attention whenever she heard a noise she thought merited investigation.

And then she’d investigate. I took so many photos, but most of them are blurry. Finally, I managed to get her to hold still by holding her.

And she indulged me by posing for a profile shot.

Well done, Scott! And S. is doubly awesome, because he got me a new ride too. — a 2011 Honda Element! This was the first (and probably the only time in our lives) when we drove a car out of the showroom, but the Element at Midlands Honda had all of the dog friendly accessories that we couldn’t resist.


We managed to get a good deal, because (1) the car is orange, and we pointed out to the salesman that no one in Gamecock Country will buy an orange car with a dog paw emblem that could be mistaken for a Clemson tiger paw (my plan is to get a big Gamecock sticker for the back window, by the way); and (2) who else would want dog bone floor mats, seat covers with dog heads, and a custom built dog kennel in the back? No one but me.

We had been looking at cars for awhile, since we outgrew the little Toyota Corolla we bought pre-kids by 2 more people and a pack full of dogs. The Element is perfect for us.

BUT, before Scott signed the papers, he asked that I slow down a bit. I agreed, since he said, “Maybe only three fosters at a time.” Originally, his rule was one. He pointed out that getting this car would make me slow down. The Toyota was paid off; the Honda . . . um . . . is not. And, even with the generous donations I’ve received so far, I’m nowhere near the amount I’ve put into pulling and vetting.

Still, I’m super excited and you can see that I’ve been putting the new ride to good use. The pups approve.

As for the latest foster, rescued post new car and when we’re already past our 3 fosters-at-a-time limit . . . well, Scott says that we’ll make an exception for Quinby.

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