Another Memorable Mishap: Jack Feeds the “Pup Pups”

I decided to post a more cheerful memorable mishap than the last. My last lesson learned: just because dogs are good with other cat-sized dogs does NOT mean that they are equally good with cat-sized . . . cats. *sigh*

This happier memorable mishap involves Jack; foster dog Harley, Emma and Mr. Knightley; and stinky wet dog food.

I was sitting at my work desk, happily typing, and thankful that Jack was entertaining himself and not interrupting me. Then I smelled something stinky.

See Jack, with the stinkiest wet dog food we could find; if you remember, we were following Whitney’s instructions: stinky wet dog food + sick pup = sick pup eating. I had spooned out a bit for Fairfax and had forgotten to put away the can with the leftovers. I left it on the counter. Jack had apparently grown an inch taller overnight and was able to reach it.

He had left a breadcrumb trail of wet dog food on the floor. He had smeared it into the kiddie table. Clearly, he knows in this photo that he’s busted.

After I got the shot, I tried to coax the dog food and spoon out of his hand: “Come on, Jack,” I said sweetly, “just give me the pup pup food.” He squealed, ran to the kitchen, and plopped down on the floor.

Enter Mr. Knightley, and Harley:

This causes Jack to declare triumphantly that, yes, he WILL feed the pup pups, who are clearly hungry.

So, I thought “what the hell?” and snapped away. Jack took his job very seriously.

Below: He takes inventory and sees that he has more pups to feed than dog food left in the can. — too bad that he had already fed most of it to the kiddie table. Still he does what he can.

One scoop for Harley:

Uh oh. An empty can and more pups to feed . . .

So, Jack decides to let Emma lick the can:

And, then, of course, Knightley must get a lick too:

The results of this memorable mishap: a tabletop mess for me to clean (thankfully, the dogs took care of the wet dog food trail on the floor), a house that smells stinky, overly stuffed dogs, and a very satisfied-with-himself toddler.

Lessons learned: Make sure to put the stinky wet dog food out of the growing toddler’s reach.

Also: Life is messy. Life is fun.

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