Chester Ravenel

Pulled: Friday October 7th, 2011 from Barbara Knight

Rescue commitment: Friday October 21, 2011 by Last Chance Animal Rescue

Meet Chester Ravenel, foster #44.

Scott has been on a business trip in Wisconsin since Tuesday. I picked him up at the airport last night.

Me: “So, we have the SAME number of foster dogs that we had when you left.”

Scott: “GOOD.”

Me: “We have a new one, though.”

Scott: “WHAT?!”

He was fine, when I explained that (1) Chester Bradley, one of Abbie Faith’s pups, was adopted (Yay for Bradley!); and (2) I got a phone call from Barbara, someone near my hometown, asking me to take in a stray.

Apparently, Ravenel wandered into Barbara’s friend’s yard and was being picked on by her other dogs. “We don’t want to take her to the local shelter, which is a kill shelter, but we also don’t want her to get hurt here,” Barbara explained.

“I’ll take her,” I said. “Of course!”

As you can see (above), Ravenel is a pretty girl, who seems to be part Golden Retriever. Arina was thrilled, since she says that she was missing Bradley (below), and that Ravenel looks like him, only bigger.

Well . . . bigger and a lot less wrinkly. But, because Ravenel is a 4-6 months pup versus a 2-3 month pup, Jack ADORES her. The 2-3 month pups are a bit too rambunctious for him now. Plus, Ravenel seems to be more of a Thomas the Train fan than the younger ones, and is content to watch Jack play for extended periods of time.

She interrupts the play only occasionally to give her favorite train conductor a kiss.

And Jack returns her affection by letting her lick the cinnamon and sugar, from his favorite Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, off his hands.

So, don’t worry about Ravenel, Barbara. She’s in good hands. Literally. And thanks for your donation towards her vetting! I thought I would have to use the money donated by my fabulous friend, Elizabeth and my fabulous cousin, Jill for that, but your donation will cover the spay and the shots.

Now I can tuck Elizabeth’s and Jill’s donations away for future fosters Chesters S and T squared. But, that will be our secret.

Shh. Don’t tell Scott . . .

5 Responses to “Chester Ravenel”

  1. Jacq Says:

    I love your blog. it is such a fun read and really makes my day start with a smile.

  2. fisknp Says:

    Thanks, Jacq! I used to post more often, but I keep getting busier and busier. — with more and more fosters. 🙂

    I try to catch up each weekend, though, and always have new stories by the end of the week. Lol.

    • Jacq Holder Says:

      You are quite an amazing lady judging by all of these lucky pups happily getting up to plenty of hi jinx in your home Also the wheel chair your husband made for Quinby, is absolutely super. That is one very happy lady dachsund.

      Great idea about the diapers by the way, we had an senior blind Bichon (he was adopted with his daughter a couple of years ago by my daughters.. and stayed with us lots) who i would buy baby diapers for and they worked a treat, enough so to annoy him greatly that he made sure he alerted us when he wanted to go out, so they became emergency only.
      Sadly Nicky passed away a few months ago, and it had huge effect on me to the point i knew that if I could find a way to foster, as I already have adopted twice, then it would be more of a help…and especially the older dogs who may have many ailments.

      Reading your fostering escapades, is a very inspirational journey. I hope you manage to put a little book together from these at some point.

      • fisknp Says:

        Thanks, Jacq! And so sorry to hear about Nicky’s passing. You’re a wonderful foster mom!

        Fostering becomes an addiction very quickly! The only thing that alleviates the sadness of a foster leaving for his forever family is to help another in need. 🙂

  3. Karen Chahrouri Says:

    Fostering is great – you just have to pretend you’re dogsitting for someone – you just don’t know who that person is yet. 🙂

    I will be reading your posts regularly now that you sent me the link to the one about Quinby and DRNA. Thank you for all you do for these babies! I’ll keep you updated about Q’s progress.


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