Calling All Puppy-Sitters

This weekend, Scott and the kids and I will be spending time with family in Charleston. Scott’s sister and her family will be visiting from Texas. Hurrah for mini-breaks! Hurrah for visiting family!

As you might imagine, though, the pet-sitting bill for a foster home full of dogs is . . . well . . . pricey: $25.00 per visit for 3-4 dogs x 3 visits = $100.

We’ll be taking Quinby, of course, because (1) she’s our handicapable dachshund; and (2) Mrs. Fisk LOVES dachshunds and anything that Scott makes. So, we know she’ll be a huge fan of Quinby and her fabulous chair.

Mom and Dad will be puppy-sitting Emma and Mr. Knightley. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

So, that leaves:

(1) Edisto:

In true Edisto fashion, poor E. keeps missing the bus to New York. Last week, there was no room for him. So, we put his racing cap and sunshades aside for another week. But, today I found out from Whitney that there won’t be a bus this weekend. That means that a very disappointed Edisto will be here another week. He may get a little cheerier if he has another less-glamorous-than-NY but still fun place to visit this weekend.

(2) Elloree:

Elloree would enjoy spending the weekend: eating, cuddling, and playing. And then playing some more. And some more. Elloree, if you haven’t figured it out yet, has a lot of energy. She may look chill in the photo, above, but don’t let her fool you. She’s trying to figure out how to swing.

(3) Hilda:

Like her sister, Hilda likes to play. Unfortunately for your pants, Hilda’s favorite game is tugging. — on anything she can get her teeth on. So, make sure that your pants are belted. Pajama pants with elastic waistbands are no-nos around Hilda, unless you’re carrying her. But, really: how can you stay mad at that half-white/half-red face.

(4) Ravenel:

Ravenel will be your best friend as soon as she meets you. She’s our newest addition. I had a momentary scare when I came home right after getting her and realized, small girl that she is, she had squeezed under the front gate. (We’ve since fixed that.) However, she was just sitting there, waiting for me to get home, and was content to follow me back inside. She’s a good, sweet and friendly girl.

(5) And, finally, Lexie:

Normally, friend and colleague Sandra fosters Lexie, but she’s going out of town this weekend too. I’m surprised that I’ve had NO emails of interest about adopting Lexie. — especially since she’s the most well-behaved of the pack! If I were the one offering to puppy-sit, I’d choose Lexie. I can’t promise that E. won’t lift his leg to urine mark (though I’ll send his wrap with him), nor can I promise that the pups won’t have potty accidents (though I’ll send wee wee pads with them). BUT, I’ll bet you $10 that Lexie will be among the most perfect, well-mannered house guests you’ve ever had. — canine or human.

Let me know if you’d be willing to puppy-sit any of the above for us, from around Friday afternoon till Sunday afternoon. We’ll happily pay you in baked goods (which Scott will bake, since we want them to be edible). Plus, we promise to return the puppy-sitting favor, no baked goods required. After all, what’s one more dog at our house?

“Where’s Gertie?” you ask. She’s going to her new home tomorrow! Yay for FrankenGert! And, no, I have not yet fainted while administering the salve. — though I’ve not yet really administered it either. I close my eyes and squirt it. Thank goodness it’s of a runnier consistency that Neosporin.

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