Update to A-Z: Where are they now? Edisto FINALLY catches the bus.

Chester Edisto was my fifth foster. Forty five fosters later, Edisto has finally caught the bus to New York and (hopefully) his forever home. He’ll be featured in an adoption event today, hosted by the fabulous Last Chance Animal Rescue, and, if he’s not adopted, he has a foster family in NY waiting for him.

“And then?” my friend Casey asked.

“And then he’ll be featured in the next weekend’s adoption event. And the next. Until he’s adopted.”

Casey and I laughed for fifteen minutes at least, imagining Edisto as the star in a sort of Doggies in Tiaras reality tv show.

We got to the bus pick-up point, Chesterfield, SC, and started unloading. Casey took Edisto, who immediately started going in the opposite direction.

Because the drivers of the bus weren’t quite ready to go, they set up some pens, so that Edisto and Ravenel, and the pups, could enjoy being outside in the sun before the 12-15 hour drive.

When they opened the door to the pen for Edisto, he went down on his belly, with his four legs spread out.

“Yep, that’s Edisto,” we said. “That’s what he does.”

He felt much better, though, once he was penned with Ravenel, pretty red-head that she is:

Here’s Ravenel, with a big grin. — and rightly so. She already has a potential adopter lined up through Last Chance Animal Rescue!

We asked that the drivers crate Edisto and Ravenel together, in hopes that her enthusiasm would rub off on Ed.

And we asked that the drivers crate Abbie Faith’s remaining four pups together:

The pups, along with Abbie Faith, will be dropped in Virginia on the way to New York. They’re going to be trained as service dogs for veterans through the organization Dog Tags. — well, all except for Elloree, because someone in New York fell in love with her photo and asked to adopt her.

Please visit the Dog Tags facebook page and give them a big thumbs up, for Abbie Faith and pups:


We couldn’t be prouder of the pups, and we think they’ll make fantastic service dogs. And yay for Abbie Faith! Tracy said that she’ll now be able to pay her karmic debt for terrorizing Yorkshire cats. Way to give back to the community, Abbie Faith.

So, to recap: Ravenel has an adopter lined up, and Abbie Faith and pups will be trained and assigned to veterans with PTSD and other disabilities. The only one who has a foster, rather than adopter, lined up is . . . Edisto. Of course. SIGH.

Still, we have HIGH hopes for today and told Edisto so before we left.

By the way: When I asked Casey the night before if he’d like to go “doggy adventuring” with me the next day, he was up for it immediately. But, when I told him that our mission was, particularly, to get Edisto on that bus to New York, he said:

“Omg, this should be ridiculously awesome.”

And it was.

Best of luck, Chester Edisto. We love you, you big Goober. I wouldn’t have such an awesome number of “Memorable Mishaps” blog posts, if it weren’t for you.

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