Chester3 Ariel and Beaufort

Pulled: Friday November 4, 2011 from Richmond County Animal Shelter

Rescue commitment: Friday December 2, 2011 by Last Chance Animal Rescue

Meet my first two Chesters cubed,  Ariel . . .

. . . and Beaufort.

Ariel is a 4-5 month old Shepherd mix, and Beaufort is a 6 month old Beagle/Basset mix. Both are up-to-date on vaccinations and altered.

And both are super sweet, and good with other dogs. They were kenneled together at Richmond County Animal Shelter when I pulled them, though they were going by the names Penny and Otis. Cute names, but I find it easier to keep track of my fosters when I go through the alphabet using my own names.

Ariel is more timid than Beaufort, and rightly so, since she was adopted and brought back to the shelter, because her owners decided that she would “get too big.” SIGH.

She rode from Rockingham to Columbia tucked behind Jack’s car seat, trembling all the way. She’s getting better, though, and is especially fond of Arina.

Beaufort, on the other hand, rode in my lap the entire way to Columbia, trying at a couple of points to take control of the steering wheel. /shudder

Why weren’t they in the crate, you ask?

Well . . . I had transported my goatadoodle, Yabby, to Rockingham in a plastic crate and was planning on using it to take my replacement foster/s back to Columbia.

When I got to the shelter, though, I saw Allison (who looked like she hadn’t slept a wink) running around, trying to round up enough crates for the weekend transport to rescues in New York. I told her that I would donate mine, since Yabby was already settled, and I went outside and folded up my seats to prevent any chewing disasters on the way back home. Yay for Honda Elements and seats that do this:

I was planning on picking up two small fosters from a neighboring shelter (Scotland County), and two small fosters only. BUT, Allison told me about the 20+ dogs that animal control dropped off the day before. 20+ dogs from ONE home. 20+ extra dogs in Allison’s already full shelter. Allison is trying so hard to be a no-kill shelter, and doing a fantastic job, so I hate it whenever she gets dealt a bad hand.

We went to the the garage/storage space, and Allison showed me the dogs that she was having to keep in crates until they could be vetted and moved into space she didn’t have.

“I’ll take Otis and Penny,” I said. “That will completely free up one pen.” And Allison was so excited that she went outside and smoked a celebratory cigarette.

I set to work, doing some laundry and washing some dog dishes and getting some bleach on my favorite black sweater (SIGH), while waiting on the Scotland County fosters to arrive.

Luckily, Otis Beaufort and Penny Ariel were perfectly willing to share their space with their Scotland County neighbors.

If you’d be interested in adopting or fostering Ariel and/or Beaufort, send me a message!

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