Chester Edisto the Wonder Dog: ADOPTED at last!

Pulled: Thursday June 2, 2011 from a local rescue

Rescue commitment: Saturday, November 5th by Lindsey Schick

Only Chester Edisto, Wonder Dog that he is, would thwart adoption since June only to be adopted as a kick-off to National Shelter Dog Appreciation Week.

Congrats, foster #5 out of 56. So many of us, no doubt, thought that we’d never see that beautiful red stamp.

And here are the Top 3 reasons that Lindsey, my new facebook friend by the way, is perfect for Sto:

3) She has one dog already, so Ed will have a buddy. Here he is, below, with his new brother, Ray.

2) She understands Edisto’s unique needs. One of the first things she told me about Edisto is that he’s easily scared. Well, actually, the phrase she used was “terrified, with a capital T. ”

Me: “Yep. Did you read the post about the butterfly?”

So, Lindsey has fashioned a safe place for Ed, where he can get away from loud noises and butterflies and anything thing else that he finds terrifying: her bedroom closet. See, him, below peeking out from behind her clothes.

1) I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Lindsey knows Harry-freaking-Potter. We’ve always had Hollywood ambitions for Ed. Maybe Daniel will hook him up.

The only thing that seems to be missing is a girlfriend for Ed. But, seeing him below, so happy and content, makes me think that he’ll let Lindsey have that distinction.

All our love, Ed. You’re a good Goober of a dog.

One Response to “Chester Edisto the Wonder Dog: ADOPTED at last!”

  1. Jacq Says:

    Am so glad he has a forever home. Following tales of his exploits has been such fun. 🙂

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