Current Available Fosters, as of 11-20-2011; and some memorable mishaps

I promised this list a week ago, but I have been digging my way from underneath a mountain of freshmen essays. Morven tried to eat some of them, to help me out, I’m assuming; but, I did the responsible teacher thing and pried the essays out of his jaws.

And I’m still not completely caught up with my grading, but I’ve decided that I have to take a half hour to update my blog, since Scott went doggy-adventuring with me today (to drop off latest Chesters Carlyle and Dewee, who are going to rescue), and he would not let me pull any additional fosters from the Richmond County Shelter, even though Allison was up to her chin in dogs, as always.

See, below, Scott’s steely expression:

As soon as Scott turned his back, Allison said, “Oh my God, don’t bring him here again! Bring Casey next time.”

Allison and I asked Scott to take some photos for us, since we were sure he’d fall for the dogs we made him view for an extended period of time through a lens. First, we tried these Cocker Spaniel/Hound mixes:

But, of course, the one on the left tried to do her best Gremlin impression when she caught Scott’s eye. Scott shuddered. Then, we asked him to photograph a sweet Jack Russell girl:

Still no sell. I walked Scott around the entire shelter, and he constantly whispered in my ear the following phrases in perfect rotation:

1. “The holidays are coming up.”

2. “You are already at your 3 foster at a time limit.”

3. “You have papers to grade.”

So, alas, I made my first trip to Richmond without bringing any fosters home. But, I promised Allison that I’d try to find homes for my current fosters as quickly as possible, so that I can make up for it next time.

1) Chester2 Lexington

Pulled: Friday September 2, 2011 from City of Columbia Animal Shelter

Update: Chester Lexington has been adopted!

Lexi is a 1-year old Norfolk Terrier. See, below, Lexi with Jack right after we brought her home. Her foster mother, Sandra, reports that she is an energetic girl, who would be perfect for someone who likes a walking buddy, and who isn’t too committed to a peaceful environment for backyard squirrels. Actually, if you’re annoyed by squirrels, Lexi is your girl.

2) Chester2 McBee

Pulled: Saturday September 3, 2011 from Melissa Ann McLaughlin-lein

Adoption commitment: None; still available.

McBee, renamed Roo by foster dad John, is a 6-month old Rat Terrier mix. John and I joke that he’s a ferret disguised as a dog, since his long legs and nimble body allow him to go just about anywhere he wants. I visited recently, and he can make it from my lap to around my shoulders with both ease and speed.

He played fetch with my then-foster Dewey. Actually, Dewey fetched and Roo jumped over him while he ran — left then right, right then left — as though Dewey were a cone on a race track obstacle course.

Here he is, below, with snuggie #1:

And, here he is with John, his snuggie #2:

3) Chester2 MorVen

Pulled: Friday October 21, 2011 from Richmond County Animal Shelter

Adoption commitment: None, still available

I adore Morven. — so much so that I will only be able to give him to someone who I know personally and who will grant me foster mother visitation rights. Maybe it’s because of the way he and I bonded that day in the animal shelter, when I stretched myself out on the floor in front of him. Maybe it’s because of the way he makes my life easier by his attentiveness to Jack. Maybe it’s because he has soft, curly hair, like a teddy bear’s.

Seriously: is it just me, or does he look like an angel with the sunlight shining behind him?

Whatever the reason, I am the ONLY person (besides the kids) in this family who likes Morven. He’s disliked to such a degree that Scott has given him nicknames reminiscent of none other than Lord Voldemort, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. Half the time he’s Morfin (Voldy’s crazy uncle), half the time he’s Marvolo (Voldy’s crazy grandfather).

Scott’s reasons for not liking Morven? (1) Morven pees whenever Scott touches him, probably because he’s freaked by the guy who doesn’t know his name; and (2) Morven destroys things in the way that most 8-month-old puppies do.

See our window screen, below:

Of course, this wouldn’t have happened if Mom and Scott had let Morven inside. As a nanny dog, he has to be with Jack. Otherwise, he gets a little . . . upset.

The “last straw” for Scott was when Morven got one of his shoes. Of course, that wouldn’t have happened if Scott had picked up after himself.

That scene played out as follows:

Scott: Verbal explosion of some sort

Me: “What’s wrong?”

Scott: Throws shoe


Scott: “I was trying to hit YOU!”

Me, pacified: “Oh. Okay then.”

Apparently, Scott was madder at me for bringing Morven into the house than he was at Morven, for destroying his shoe. So, he went for the ultimate insult in the Arab world.

Since then, we’ve been trying to teach Morven the difference between acceptable and unacceptable chew toys. See an acceptable one in his mouth below:

Well done, Marvolo.

4) Chester2 DalZell

Despite the fact that the place name DalZell sounds feminine to me, Z2 (renamed Zeus) is a boy. He’s a 2-year-old Chorkie (Chihuahua/Yorkie mix). This cute little guy has a rescue that has committed to him on December 3rd, but if I find a home for him before then, the rescue coordinator will hopefully take another in need.

Foster mom, Trina, reports that Zeus is sweet with both people and other dogs. And that he is especially fond of blankets. Also, she reports that she is now able to put away the homemade male wrap (to prevent urine marking). Good boy, Zeus.

And, thank you, Trina, for being such a resourceful foster mom! If only I had met you sooner . . . the Trina-brand male wrap is MUCH less expensive than the two Simple Solution male wraps I bought for Edisto at the pet store.

5 and 6) Chester3 Ariel and Beaufort

Pulled: Friday November 4, 2011 from Richmond County Animal Shelter

Update: Chesters Ariel and Beaufort have been rescued!

Ariel “Penny” and Beaufort “Otis” are a Shepherd and Beagle mix, respectively, and both are less than a year old. See the two of them below, leaving their soft beds in Scott’s shop to enjoy the sunny day:

Otis is a sweetheart, and he has such interesting coloring: mostly brown on his head; white and black spots everywhere else.

And, like the character Flynn Rider in Disney’s Tangled . . .

Otis has nailed “the smoulder:”

How can you resist?

As for Otis’s best girl, Penny, you’ve never met a dog with nicer brows. She looks like she had a fight with black eyeliner but came out the better for it:

When I pulled Penny, she was terrified. She hid behind the car seat the entire ride to Columbia, trembling. She’s submissive, timid even, but she loves to be loved. I’ll hear her paws against the glass on our back door: her way of letting us know that she’s outside and needs petting.

Every day, she comes out of her shell a bit more. Today, she played fetch with me. She nailed both the retrieving and the relinquishing part. Here she is standing proud, below:

Let me know if you’d be interested in adopting or fostering any of these impressive dogs! As soon as you do, I’m off to pull a new one in Pam Murray’s honor. Pam, my friend Ashley Smith’s mother, donated to the Fisk Foster fund, and I was thinking of how to spend the money. Should I buy a new, taller baby gate for Morven, who has Edisto the Wonder Dog’s super jumping ability? Should I use the money to pay for Zeus’s neuter surgery (something I’ve been putting off b/c of cost)?

Nope. I’ll let Ashley’s donation go towards the baby gate and Zeus’s neuter surgery. I’m letting Pam’s go to future foster E cubed. E is such a great letter after all.

5 Responses to “Current Available Fosters, as of 11-20-2011; and some memorable mishaps”

  1. trina Says:

    Love reading every blog!
    P.S. my grandma adores Zeus! Im trying to convince her he would fit in to her pack very well… I told her id pay for his neutering and help her with the cost of taking care of him! Ill keep you posted on how the convincing goes!

  2. Susan Says:

    Thanks for taking time from grading to update the blog! I love reading this stuff — you have some great story-telling abilities!

  3. Dianne Plyler Says:

    Trust me Morvin does not look like an angel. It’s just you!!

  4. Ashley Says:

    If I may…Edwards is my mother’s mother’s maiden name…and she was from South Carolina…

    She be thrilled – sending her this post now.

  5. fisknp Says:

    Thanks Susan! Glad you’re enjoying the blog! Check out my latest update. I had to take last week off (more grading than I could have handled otherwise, after having put it off the week before). But I’m back with a vengeance! — much to Scott’s despair. 🙂

    @ Trina: Thanks so much for going doggie adventuring with me this weekend, foster-in-crime!

    @ Mom: Maybe Morven will look more like an angel after I get him groomed this week . . .

    @ Ashley: Edwards is here! Tell your Mom!

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