Chesters Edwards and Forest

Pulled: Saturday and Sunday December 3 and 4, 2011 from Richmond County Animal Shelter

Rescue commitment for Edwards: Friday February 3, 2011 by Dog World Rescue

Adoption commitment for Forest: Friday December 30, 2011 by Ifae of Pet-Sitting by Denise

Meet Chester3 Edwards:

and Chester3 Forest:

Recently, I got two first-time donations: the first from Ashley Smith’s mother (thanks Mama Pam!) and the second from Sandra Kellers’s parents (thanks Mama Kathleen and Papa Urs Keller!). That meant I could pull two new fosters to replace Ariel and Beaufort, who both went to rescue!

My “E” foster is named Edwards, after Pam’s family from South Carolina. And I’m so glad that Pam had a name request, since poor Edwards was mistaken for a girl at the shelter and named “Shelley.” I can definitely identify with the mistake, since such a luxurious soft and shiny coat should belong to females only. I still slip up occasionally and refer to Edwards as “she,” which really confuses Scott.

Edwards is a 1-year old Collie mix with the most gorgeous golden eyes (Lexi like) and a spattering of freckles across his nose.

He’s a smart boy, having already mastered sitting and fetch, AND (knock on wood) he *seems* to be house-trained. Of course, I hesitate to declare a dog house-trained, after an early memorable mishap. Still, Edwards has surprisingly good inside manners for a 1-year old, only standing on his back legs occasionally to beg for a treat.

Other favorite things about Edwards? — his fabulous curly tail and the fact that he prances. Yes. Prances. Like a horse.

Edwards met a prospective adoptive parent today, and good boy that he is, they hit it off. So, in a couple of weeks, he’ll be going to live with new mother Penny Pickerell and two feline siblings. A red-head herself, Penny and Edwards (who will be renamed Frankie) will be quite the handsome pair!

Forest, the Kellers’ pull, is still available for adoption, however.

Poor Forest, 4 years old, was in such a state when he arrived at Richmond County Animal Shelter that they didn’t even know he was a Schnauzer. Allison said that he looked like a dirty grey mop. But what a difference a good groomer and a holiday kerchief make!

When I committed to Forest, I didn’t know whether he was heartworm positive or negative. Allison guessed negative. Her reasoning? Forest’s hair was so thick and matted that an infected mosquito wouldn’t have been able to get near enough to his skin to bite him. And . . . she was right. He was tested today: heartworm negative! Yay for being unkempt!

Favorite thing about Forest? He tap dances. Seriously. Video coming soon.

And Scott? He can’t say a word, since the donations from Pam and Kathleen and Urs funded this pull. And . . . he said that he was okay with three fosters at a time — although, really: I don’t know why we’re still calling my love “Marvolo,” who is sitting behind me in the kitchen chair while I type, a foster.

I AM considering a new haircut for Morven, though. I’m wondering if he wouldn’t be Forest’s twin, if cut by the right groomer . . .

Morven makeover pics coming soon.

Thanks for everything, Pam and Kathleen and Urs! I wish you could see how happy Edwards and Forest were to break out of the slammer. See Edwards, below. I was standing in the kennel behind him, trying to get him to  look at me and smile. Instead, he turned Pointer and stared at the kennel lock, as if to remind me that the goal was to get both of us OUT of the kennel. Silly human.

As for Forest, he was shaking so badly that I didn’t have the heart to make him pose for a photo. So, at the end of the weekend, we have two happy pups and a happy Allison, because two kennels are now free for more of her four-legged children! Merry Christmas, Allison! Love and thanks from Edwards and Forest. And from Morven!

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