An Ella Update

Pulled: Friday December 30 2011 from Richmond County Animal Shelter

Adoption commitment: Saturday December 31 2011 by the Headley Greenlaw family

I’m happy to report that Ella, who was diagnosed with the dreaded Parvo, seems to have made a full recovery. See the “before” photo of sick Ella:

And the “after” photo of Ella, playing with her much bigger canine sibling, Red:

Thanks to all who donated to her treatment. We raised $485, 81% of the $594 total! I know how much the Greenlaw family appreciates the help and no one is more deserving. Both of their dogs are rescues, although they affectionately call the big red dog, above, their $2000 dog.

Jeff, a military man, noticed Red on base and assumed that one of the people with whom he works was bringing his/her dog to work. “No dogs on base,” he reminded them. “He’s a stray,” they said. “Then why is he hanging around?” Jeff asked, “and why is he so well-fed?” Apparently, several men on base were taking turns driving Red through the drive-through each morning for his daily meal.

(And, yes, R. does bear a striking resemblance to Clifford):

So, Jeff did the only thing a softie can. He brought Red home, paid heftily to treat his heartworms and other ailments, and made him part of the family.

When their rescue #2, Fisk foster Ella, got sick, my first thought was “no good deed goes unpunished.” But, then I remembered how wonderfully supportive most people are, and my blog readers especially, and I knew that the Greenlaws and Ella would be okay.

So, again: thank you, thank you, thank you! From the Fisks, the Greenlaws, and, especially, from Ella and Red:

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