Hurrah for Chester3 Gregor!

Pulled: Friday December 30 2011 from Richmond County Animal Shelter

Adoption commitment: Wednesday January 28 2012

Gregor has been adopted at last! I’m shocked that I had this little guy for nearly a month before I was able to find a home for him. Scott says that I’m getting tapped out at last. Nearly all of my facebook friends and blog readers who are able to adopt a dog from me have done so at this point.

Or, more likely: Gregor was meant for his adoptive mother Jen Fowler, and only Jen, so he just had to stay with us until she figured that out. And what a stay! Gregor quickly became Scott’s favorite of all the foster dogs we’ve had so far (except for, maybe, Quinby). And not because Gregor was easy, but because . . . well . . . how can you ever stay angry at such a teeny tiny baby face?

Incident: pee/poop in the house.
Scott, affectionately: “Oh Gregor!”

Incident: chewed up paper all over the floor.
Scott, affectionately: “Oh Gregor!”

Incident: too much barking for too long.
Scott, affectionately: “Oh Gregor!”

After 60 foster dogs, I found this behavior from the normally-reluctant-and-always-complaining spouse mind-boggling. He’d chide Gregor patiently. And, then, he’d pick him up and place him out of trouble, on his lap! Scott has played many a round of America’s Army accompanied by a sleeping Gregor. Mind-boggling.

I think it’s because that Scott, a funny guy himself, appreciated Gregor’s humor. Or maybe he appreciated his spunk (it’s a well known fact that the smallest creatures often have the most spunk, me included). Or maybe he finds Gregor’s spunk humorous. See, below, Gregor’s attack dog response to Scott’s teasing:

Whatever the case, Scott likes Gregor. Favorite moments?

1) Gregor vs. David: One sunny and warm January afternoon (global warming, anyone?), Scott and I decided to leave Gregor and Morven in the backyard to play. We were careful to close the gate, but it’s easy to forget that Gregor is SUCH a little dog, because of his big case of the Napoleon complex. Physically, though, Gregor was easily able to squeeze under the gate — like a rat or a squirrel. Apparently, he did this throughout the day, for the sole purpose of barking at our next door neighbor, David, who was working in his front yard. Gregor would bark loudly at David, bounce around in circles for awhile, and squeeze back under the gate. I imagine an interaction with Gregor starring as a cuter and less annoying Scrappy Doo:

Our apologies, David.

2)We currently have a return foster — Chester Edwards (more on that later) —  but Gregor didn’t understand that Edwards had been here before. In Gregor’s mind, he was here first and was therefore in charge, despite the fact that it would take about a hundred Gregors to make one Edwards.

If we gave Chester Edwards a Gregor-sized bone, we’d soon see Gregor dragging it behind him. If we left Gregor in the yard to “play” with Edwards, we’d watch him prance through the door later with white tufts of fur in his mouth. Oh, how I wish I had thought to take photos of Gregor, looking simultaneously proud and ridiculous, with his white beard.

3) Favorite moment #3? Getting the following message from Jen:

“I am so happy with our new family member Trigger (Aka Gregor). He has put plenty of smiles on my face. His cuteness is what will always keep him out of trouble. He went potty outside for the first time last night. We were so proud; it took Kevin taking him for him to do it. Lol. He loves his toys, doesn’t like it when Daddy leaves for work without a proper goodbye. He saved my life from the vacuum cleaner and my shadow. He likes his car rides as well. Thank you guys for the gift you gave us. He is a blessing. We will post pics after the kids see him; we have not told them yet! That should be epic!”

Keep protecting Mom from vacuums and shadows, Chester Gregor Trigger! And, Jen, enjoy your new red-headed bodyguard. Love to you all!

Adopted by: Jen Fowler and Kevin Richmond

Renamed: Trigger

One Response to “Hurrah for Chester3 Gregor!”

  1. David (the Neighbor) Says:

    No apologies needed. Gregor is quite a little dog. We will miss his spunk around the neighborhood.

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