In March 2011, twenty-two dogs in the Chesterfield County Animal Shelter, a high kill shelter, were taken to a field and shot. This crime, once exposed, has received national attention, prompting a SLED investigation (currently still on-going), petitions and rallies. Change.org picked up the story:


I grew up in Chesterfield County. I love dogs. After reading the story and researching shelter dog abuses, I decided to start fostering. Originally, my goal was to foster twenty-two dogs in honor of the Chesterfield 22. Then, I found out that in Richland County, where I’m currently a resident, each family of four would have to adopt twenty-eight dogs in order for the shelter to be a no-kill shelter. We are a family of four. So, now the goal has moved to twenty-eight.

And I should mention other goals: to keep my husband, my kids, my job, my sanity, etc. throughout the process.

My system of naming will be as follows: Chester (in honor of the Chesterfield 22) + a SC town, city or county. I’ll continue alphabetically, after Chester the First.

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