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Edisto vs. the Zhu Zhu Pet

December 30, 2011

I love being facebook friends with Chester Edisto‘s Mom, because I get occasional updates about my favorite Wonder Dog.

The latest? Edisto has decided that Lindsey’s Zhu Zhu Pet is his new nemesis. See him, below, engaging the Zhu Zhu in a staring contest that he’s destined to lose. Poor Ed doesn’t understand WHY that damn rodent doesn’t blink. Obviously, it means that Zhu Zhus are pure evil.

One of Lindsey’s facebook friends predicts that, eventually, the toy “will just make an annoying noise” and Edisto will “run away.”

He knows Edisto well.

Chester Edisto the Wonder Dog: ADOPTED at last!

November 13, 2011

Pulled: Thursday June 2, 2011 from a local rescue

Rescue commitment: Saturday, November 5th by Lindsey Schick

Only Chester Edisto, Wonder Dog that he is, would thwart adoption since June only to be adopted as a kick-off to National Shelter Dog Appreciation Week.

Congrats, foster #5 out of 56. So many of us, no doubt, thought that we’d never see that beautiful red stamp.

And here are the Top 3 reasons that Lindsey, my new facebook friend by the way, is perfect for Sto:

3) She has one dog already, so Ed will have a buddy. Here he is, below, with his new brother, Ray.

2) She understands Edisto’s unique needs. One of the first things she told me about Edisto is that he’s easily scared. Well, actually, the phrase she used was “terrified, with a capital T. ”

Me: “Yep. Did you read the post about the butterfly?”

So, Lindsey has fashioned a safe place for Ed, where he can get away from loud noises and butterflies and anything thing else that he finds terrifying: her bedroom closet. See, him, below peeking out from behind her clothes.

1) I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Lindsey knows Harry-freaking-Potter. We’ve always had Hollywood ambitions for Ed. Maybe Daniel will hook him up.

The only thing that seems to be missing is a girlfriend for Ed. But, seeing him below, so happy and content, makes me think that he’ll let Lindsey have that distinction.

All our love, Ed. You’re a good Goober of a dog.

Update: A-Z Where Are They Now? Chester Edisto Finds a Foster!

October 30, 2011

Pulled: Thursday June 2, 2011 from a local rescue

Rescue commitment: Friday October 21, 2011 by Last Chance Animal Rescue

Yay for Edisto, star of my memorable mishaps folder! He’s found a foster home in New York with the fabulous Lindsey Schick. — fabulous both because she is fostering Chester Edisto, the Wonder Dog and also because she is striking a pose in her facebook profile picture with none other than Daniel Radcliffe.

Yep. That’s Edisto’s foster mom, with Harry freaking Potter. Would you expect any less of Edisto’s foster mom, though?

Edisto’s SC fans read that he was without foster home via LCAR’s facebook status update:

“Edisto is sad, he is in need of a foster home and no one is able to help him out. Can you host this sweet boy?”

There was talk about starting a BEB (Bring Edisto Back) movement, and I half expected to see Ed sitting in front of the door each time I opened it. It would have been just like him, Superhero Goober that he is, to hitch rides back to the South in his own crazy version of Homeward Bound.

Thanks to Barbara Bolt, who lit candles for Edisto on St. Jude’s feast day, Edisto found foster before we had to go there or he had to come here. I’m convinced that the prayers did it, because Saint Jude is the patron saint of hopeless causes and surely has a soft spot for Ed.

Lindsey reports that she LOVES Edisto, and that if she could adopt him and still foster, she would. She hopes her neighbors will adopt him, since their granddaughter (who is normally scared of dogs) has taken a liking to him.

I had a moment of fear when I read that Lindsey’s fence blew down during Hurricane Irene and that they’ve temporarily repaired it with chicken wire. So far so good, though. Lindsey speculates that E. is still nervous about invisible bees.

She says that he has been very well-behaved (way to go, E!), though she thinks he would benefit from anti-anxiety medication. And maybe some anti-depressants too.

The depression, I’m sure, is from losing pretty red-head Ravenel.

Here’s to Ed finding a new object of affection soon. And to Lindsey for taking on this Goober of a foster dog!

Chester Edisto, the Wonder Dog

July 30, 2011

Pulled: Thursday June 2, 2011 from a local rescue

Rescue commitment: Friday October 21, 2011 by Last Chance Animal Rescue

Poor Chester E. He’s the foster that seems to have become permanent. It’s hard to be the letter “E” and to watch Chesters F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, and Y go to their new homes.

Scott says it’s my fault, for not “selling” Chester E. But, I want to be honest, and, well, Chester E. is a dog I still haven’t figured out.

Scott says that Chester E. is the “weird kid” and my friend, Casey, elaborated by saying that he’s the kid who eats his boogers and is consequently left lonely on the playground.

Chester E. is afraid of nearly everything. Scott was feeding him one morning and dropped some pellets of dog food on the floor accidentally. Chester E. ran and hid under the kitchen table.

I walked outside with Chester E. and a big black and blue butterfly flew by. Chester E. ran and hid under the patio table.

So, yes, Chester E. is afraid of his own food. And of butterflies.

BUT, Chester E. is incredibly determined when he sets his mind to things. See photo, above, in which Edisto is determined to fit into a bed for a 10 lb, rather than 40 lb, dog. “You do not fit, Chester E.” I said. — to which Chester E. seems to reply, below:

“I do not care.”

Oh, Edisto. And, as you can see, he’s determined to fit not only himself, but also his favorite stuffed animal (a horse).

And, indeed, when he sets his mind to it, Chester E. seems to have super-canine abilities. If he wants to escape the laundry room (one of the places we try to get him to sleep at night), he will leap the baby gate in a single bound. The first time he did it, I thought it was because I had used the smaller of the two baby gates. But, then, he jumped the taller one in a single bound as well. So, to prevent Edisto from escaping now, we have to do this:

And, despite being afraid of butterflies, Chester E. tried to steal food from his foster brother Chester X. — a pit bull mix. Chester X. growled politely, as if to say, “This is my food, Edisto. Go eat your own.” A second later, Chester X. was crying and bleeding from the ear, b/c Chester E. went all Mike Tyson on his . . . ear.

I never would have believed it if I hadn’t seen it. And kudos to Chester X, who is still E.’s friend regardless.

So what is Chester E.? He’s both nerdy Clark Kent and hero Superman. He’s a Wonder Dog. Or, as Casey likes to say: “Edisto: You’re such a Goober.”

Chester Edisto Models the Male Wrap

July 9, 2011

Pulled: Thursday June 2, 2011 from a local rescue

Rescue commitment: Friday October 21, 2011 by Last Chance Animal Rescue

Introducing the greatest invention ever: the washable male wrap by Simple Solution, modeled by Chester Edisto.

As mentioned in a previous post, Chester E. feels the need to mark his territory whenever a foster dog goes to his new home or Emma and Mr. K visit the grandparents. We think that he thinks we decide to get rid of dogs at random, and that marking our house as his will make us more likely to keep him. So wrong, Chester E.

I’ve loved my fostering experience, but one thing that I’m incredibly paranoid about is the dreaded dog smell. My sense of smell is my superpower. I can smell everything from a drop of pee in Jack’s diaper to the faint odor of food that Arina tries to sneak now and then.

I do not want my house to smell like dog. Or dog pee. So, lots of doggie wipe downs, sweeping and mopping, and now: Chester E.’s male wrap. To call it a doggie diaper would be too insulting. We pretend it’s a doggie accessory. And it looks and works like a belt; it straps around his belly, covering his — um, masculinity, as it says on the instructions — and Velcro-ing at the back.

We haven’t had a single marking incident since. — b/c for Chester E. to do so, he’d have to mark himself. And, that’s just gross. Even for a dog.

See Edisto, below, sleeping in a sun beam, on a soft blanket, with a toy beside him. Life is sweet.

And even sweeter with a friend:

Chester Edisto, continued

July 1, 2011

Pulled: Thursday June 2, 2011 from a local rescue

Rescue commitment: Friday October 21, 2011 by Last Chance Animal Rescue

Poor Chester E. Marion, at the City of Columbia Animal Shelter, warned me that beagles are notoriously difficult to place in homes, and she was right. It’s so hard to be a beagle and have to compete with super cute small dogs like Chesters Clover and Flo.

And Edisto is such a good, albeit somewhat traumatized, dog. He is a hunting dog who didn’t like to hunt (love not hate; peace not war) and would get beaten for it. As a result, he goes limp and cowers at the hint of a stern voice. And God help him if he hears a loud noise like a gunshot or smells gunpowder. Scott was using a power tool one afternoon that had a gunpowder residue, and we thought we’d never pry Edisto from the super-tight hiding place he managed to find.

If ever a dog needed anti-anxiety pills, it’s Edisto. He attaches very quickly, especially to children and other (kind) animals.

He is more comfortable with Jack and Arina than he is with us (see photo below), and loves to play with other young dogs.

But, that means that when J&A leave to visit the grandparents, and the fosters with whom he’s made friends go on to their adoptive homes, poor Edisto has bouts with depression/anxiety. He seems scared to go outside, and battens down the hatches inside by marking his territory. I’ve never cleaned so much in my life, which is good in one way and very bad in another.

He’s a smart dog, though, in that he knows when he’s done wrong and has perfected the hound dog expression. For example, he knows that he should not get on the furniture right now [he’s shedding], and he knows that he has a very nice bed [as seen in the photo above]. One day, when I kept finding him on the couch, I finally removed the cushions as a deterrent. Then, the next time I walked in the den, I found this:

Still, we can’t stay mad at him, mainly because he’s so patient and long-suffering with the kids. That said, I’ll give Edisto the final word.

Dear adoptive parent(s),

Please rescue me from the baby human (see photo below).


Chester E.

Chester Edisto and Florence

July 1, 2011

Pulled: Thursday June 2, 2011 from local rescue

Adoption commitments: Edisto: Still available; Florence: Friday June 10, 2011

Now for the fostering whirlwind. Mr. Boise had asked me to look for another companion dog for him. I didn’t want to adopt from the shelter again right away, just because I didn’t want to risk pulling another dog with distemper. That said, I haven’t heard of any additional cases.

I am very impressed with the City of Columbia Animal Shelter. They clean and disinfect immaculately, quarantine sick dogs, and observe all dogs carefully after there has been a sickness.

Still, they gave me some information about local rescue organizations, and one of them (Pawmetto Lifeline) had a beagle available for adoption. I called, sent in an adoption application, and asked for a speedy approval, under the circumstances.

While I was waiting to hear back, I visited Pets Inc. and met my next foster, Chester Florence, whose name I shortened to Flo. The adoption consultant said that Flo was just the dog for an elderly man. She had belonged to an elderly woman, who had died, and was happiest as a lap dog. She had been adopted since and returned by a busy family who had found her too clingy in that respect.

I didn’t know whether the beagle would come through, and I just had a feeling that Flo would quickly become Mr. Boise’s new girlfriend. If not, I thought, I’ll surely be able to find a home for her. A shih tzu/dachshund mix, Flo is indeed a cutie.

I took her to meet Mr. Boise, who offered to dog-sit her while I checked on the beagle. Because Mr. Boise really wanted a beagle.  I went home, called Pawmetto Lifeline, and they told me to come pick up my second foster in one day, Chester Edisto.

Mr. Boise was delighted. Edisto was exactly what he wanted. We congratulated Mr. Boise, took photos for him, and left for home with Flo.

The next morning Mr. Boise called and asked to return Edisto and to adopt Flo. “She loves me,” he said, and complained that he could “do nothing” with Edisto. And, indeed, Edisto had not taken to Mr. Boise. A hunting dog who had been abused ( he has buck shot scars), Edisto did not respond well to Mr. Boise, who had been a hunter in his youth and who confessed to us that he also shot at his “disappointing” hunting dog with buck shot. *SIGH*

Edisto would dig in his heels whenever Mr. Boise tried to get him off of the couch or out of the door for a walk, and it became a true battle of wills.

Still, Edisto is a good dog, and I tried to convince Mr. Boise to be patient with him. There had been a storm the night before, and Mr. Boise was hard at work, trying to get someone to help remove a fallen tree limb (of significant size) from atop his camper. He stopped talking about his damaged camper to complain that Edisto came into his room during the night, barked once, and then went back to sleep on the couch.  Me, dryly: “Maybe that was his way of telling you that a huge limb just fell on your camper.”

I made the switch, though, and Mr. Boise was delighted. For a day or so. Then, I got a call early one morning, and Mr. Boise complained that he’s too active — gone too much — for a dog. “But I’ll dog-sit for you whenever you want to go camping or to see your aunt,” I said. But Mr. Boise said that he feels guilty even going to church meetings, because Flo gets so upset with him for leaving her. “If you don’t want to take her back,” he said, “I can take her to the shelter.”

I couldn’t have that, of course. So, I went to get Flo, and while Mr. Boise was very sad, he also seemed relieved. He said that at 93, he finds it hard enough to take care of himself. So, no more dogs for Mr. Boise. I told Scott that if I wasn’t so fond of him (I’ve always had a soft spot for grandfathers, having been so close to my own), I’d kill him.

I’m so glad I’ve met and worked with Mr. Boise, though. He’s not the best adoptive dad for a dog, but he’s a great adoptive granddad. — a good person to dog-sit and to then hand off the dogs to the parents.

More specifics about Edisto and Florence in upcoming posts.