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Chester PaXville and York

July 21, 2011

Pulled: Wednesday July 20, 2011 from Dillon County Animal Shelter/Middle Mutts

Adoptition commitment for X: August 13, 2011. Adopted by Jim Summey.

Adoption commitment for Y: August 5, 2011. Adopted by Lisa Bailey. Renamed Pepper.

Meet Chesters PaXville

and York.

I’ve figured out how to be able to foster more dogs at one time without Scott divorcing me. Outsourcing. The leg in PaXville’s photo is John Mucklebauer’s, my foster-in-crime. He sweetly offered to foster not one, but two dogs for me. But, PaXville is quite a dog, so we’re starting off with just him.

PaXville is my Chester X. For those of you just tuning in, my system of naming/keeping track of my fosters is to name them Chester + a SC town/city or county, alphabetically. I’m on my 24th foster with PaX, the letter X. But there aren’t any SC towns/cities/counties that start with X. PaXville is perfect, though, because this is a way of honoring Sweet Chester P., who passed away on Sunday. And an X is in there too.

Still, John and I have nicknamed him Max, instead of Pax. Because, well, he just looks like a Max. Chester X.’s paperwork says he’s a beagle/shepherd/lab mix. But, we think he’s a German Shepherd/Bull Terrier mix, which explains why he may not have been adopted. Those are breeds that sometimes frighten people, although you couldn’t find a bigger baby than Chester X. — well, except for maybe Chester Edisto.

Chester X. is a tail-wagging, happy boy. To think that he was scheduled for euthanasia. — twice. He got one reprieve, and I was able to pull him through the organization Middle Mutts before his next death date rolled around.

He’s 2 years old, a stray who hung out at a convenience store. Chester X. looks like he’s been at the receiving end of some brawls, poor guy. He has two scars in the neck/head area and one on his ear. Scott said that someone may have tried to make him fight, seeing the Bull Terrier in him. Seeing the scars and where they are makes me think that he’s eluded death more than those two times at the shelter, which makes him quite a dog indeed.

Chester York, my 25th,  is our smallest foster to date. — a mere 8 lbs. I told Arina that he doesn’t weigh much more than Jack did when he was born. And he’s also one of our youngest fosters to date, 9-12 months. Here is the little munchkin, getting a much needed bath:

Poor York:

But, he cleans up so nicely:

Chester Y. thinks that he’s a human, rather than a dog. We bought him a dog bed, and put him behind the baby gate with all of our other dogs. He cried until we finally, wanting sleep, put him in the bed with us. He cuddled right up to us and slept all night. So, now Chester Edisto thinks he has a new bed. And he prefers it to all the other ones that actually fit him.