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Chester PelZer

August 5, 2011

Pulled: Tuesday August 5, 2011 from the City of Columbia Animal Shelter

Adoption Commitment: Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Meet Chester Z. As with X, there aren’t any towns, cities or counties that start with Z. To read about my system of naming, visit:

So, I had to pick SC towns, cities or counties with an X and Z in them. Chester X became Paxville, until his foster dad decided he didn’t look like a Pax and named him Maximus Noggin instead. Since the name has a distinctive Harry Potter ring to it, I like it too.

For my 26th foster, above, I had the following to choose from: Dalzell, Pelzer and West Pelzer. My friend, Casey, said that Dalzell sounds like a French whore, stripper, or drag queen. (My apologies to all the Dalzells out there). So, she become Chester Pelzer.

Although I’m not wild about either of their “official” names, I think PaX and PelZ sound like a fine pair.

Chester Z. is a sweet terrier mix. She’s 11 months old, spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, micro-chipped and heartworm negative.

She was left in the drop box at the City of Columbia Animal Shelter and was so timid when I pulled her that she army crawled the entire way down the hall, much like Chester, the First.

Since I’ve had her home, though, she has been such a lady. She walked by the couch and smelled the spot that Chester X had marked earlier (more cleaning spray is in order, I see), and she crinkled her nose in disgust.

She gets along well with Emma but has snapped at each of the boys. Casey looked at her and said, “You have a pocket knife in your lipstick case, Pelz.” Still, Chester Edisto is falling all over himself in excitement. He’s partial to red-heads, it seems, and is clearly trying to present himself as the gentleman of the group. I think, though, that Chester Z sees through the ruse.

What will Scott say when he gets home? He has to suspect me. He knows I went to the shelter yesterday, because I had to pick up Chester X from the spay/neuter clinic. I just HAD to go by and visit my friends Marion and Howard. And the pups. I haven’t been to the local shelter since pulling Chester D, and as soon as I walked in, Howard said, “I have just the dog for you!”

I thought about it (unusual for me) and went back today. I decided that today is the perfect day to rescue a dog, because I’ve officially been married to Scott for a decade, and getting an animal is in keeping with how I’ve responded to our momentous occasions in the past.

After our first kiss, I got a rabbit. After he told me that he loved me, I got a cat. When he came back after being away all summer, I got a parakeet. So, a dog seemed to be in order for our 10th.

And I received an adoption commitment for her only four days after she was rescued. She’ll be going to a fabulous North Carolina home to live with parents Kathy and John, and some feline siblings. Yay Chester Z!

Adopted by: Kathy Schrum Peck

Still available: Chesters E and X. I’ve included some additional photos below:

Chester X. is a big 2-year old baby. He’s neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, and heartworm negative. He loves toys and kids, and the cutest thing about him is that he doesn’t wag his tail like a normal dog. He wags it in a big circular way, like a windmill or propeller. — a perfect expression of X’s zest for life.

And here are photos of Chesters E and X looking adoringly at Arina:

Surely someone could use a Chester E or X around the house.

Updates: Chesters X  and Z have been adopted!

Chester X: Adopted Saturday August 13, 2011 by Jim Summey

Chester Z: Adopted Tuesday August 9, 2011 by Kathy Schrum Peck; renamed Cassie