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Chester Isla

August 19, 2011

Pulled: Thursday August 18, 2011 from Vance County Animal Shelter/Middle Mutts

Adoption commitment: Saturday September 3, 2011

Meet Chester Isla, before:

Meet Chester Isla, after:

In the first photo, she looks like she’s weeping clods of dirt. Who knew that she’d clean up so nicely? And have such pretty eyes?

My friend Whitney, from Last Chance Animal Rescue, sent me her photo last week. I misread the comments and thought she had been rescued. “I’m so glad!” I messaged Whitney, “she reminds me of Chesters Gilbert and Hampton.”

“She hasn’t been rescued,” Whitney wrote back. “That’s why I tagged you.”

Me: “Well, I’ll take her, of course.”

Whitney: “LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!SUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Me: “And now I will delete our conversation on facebook and break the news to Scott gently.”

Scott was on board with this one almost immediately, though, since she is the true definition of “dog in need of rescue.” Plus, A. had announced that she preferred getting another foster dog to the “something fun” we had promised her for her birthday, so that was that.

Whitney arranged transport from Vance County to Chesterfield for me, but, once Chester Isla arrived at Chesterfield, all involved decided that she needed to be sent straight to the vet. One of her front legs was very clearly broken.

I picked her up from the vet today. — sadly, nothing can be done about her leg, since it’s an old break, never attended to. But, happily, she’s a resourceful girl and has learned to “make it work,” as Tim Gunn would say.

Still, she has an incredibly awkward gait, and one of the first things Scott said was, “Uh oh. This one isn’t getting adopted. Welcome to The Island of Misfit Puppies. Isla, meet Edisto.” (I named Isla after Isle of Palms, but Scott has banned any future naming after islands, since he’s decided that all island names are jinxed).

I think Scott just hasn’t been won over by Isla’s charms. I’m sure that when her hair grows out, she’ll be irresistible. But, like Chester Hampton, Isla’s hair was so matted that she had to be shaved to her skin. — only, since Isla is such a lady, the groomer decided to leave her some “poof” around her head and tail.

She seems to think this makes her look ridiculous, as do we. — though we appreciate the groomer’s sentiment very much. She looks much older than she is, due to the hairdo and the gait. In reality, she’s 5-6, our Mr. Knightley’s age. She’s spayed, up-to-date on shots, and heartworm negative. So, I’m sure that with some much needed TLC, she’ll soon be acting like the young girl she is.

And, you know: if I remember correctly, all of the toys on The Island of Misfit Toys find homes eventually. So there, Scott.

Adopted by: Krystal Branch

Renamed: Lucy