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Chester James

August 23, 2011

Pulled: Tuesday August 23, 2011 from City of Columbia Animal Shelter

Adoption commitment: Friday September 9, 2011

Meet Chester J, squared:

Chester James is listed as a 2 year old Cairn Terrior/Shih Tzu mix. And, yes: He’s a crazy cute little guy. I really shouldn’t have rescued another dog today. I’ve far exceeded Scott’s one foster at a time rule. I’m also pushing it by naming this one after another island; Scott said that naming dogs after SC islands is bad luck for us, since we still have Edisto and Isla (Isle of Palms).

But, he looks like a James to me. And, I reasoned that in one sense I have no fosters at all currently. True, I have Chester Abbie Faith and her seven; BUT, they’ll be going to a rescue as soon as the pups are weaned and Abbie Faith gets her heartworm treatment. — unless any of you would like to adopt any (or all) of them. Thanks to Lauren and Dawn for already committing to Chester Cayce. And, look Lauren and Dawn: he opened his eyes today! Yay for Cayce, renamed Truman.

So, Abbie Faith and her seven shouldn’t really count as my fosters.

True, I have Chesters Edisto and Isla. BUT, John Muckelbauer is back in town and has offered to foster TWO dogs for me. Because he’s awesome. I don’t think I could send him Edisto and Isla, because imagine trying to walk a dog with PTSD (who goes belly down, legs out whenever he gets scared) AND a dog with a broken leg. But, still he offered to foster two, so Edisto and Isla shouldn’t really count as my fosters either.

In a way, I have . . . like . . . zero fosters. And we can’t have that.

PLUS, I received my first donation via web site today! A couple of people had asked me to put up a “donate” button, so that they can contribute to the cause. I was so excited to get $50. — from someone in West Virginia who I don’t even know but who I believe is the most fabulous person ever. So, I pulled Chester James in her honor!

The City of Columbia Animal Shelter is having a special during the month of August: only $37 to pull adult dogs, all of whom are heartworm negative, up-to-date on shots, spayed or neutered, and micro-chipped.

Since I have some money left over, I’m off to Target to buy some dog bowls. — b/c the dogs have been eating out of our saucers. Don’t tell my great-grandmother, who would have a heart attack. But, really, who uses saucers? Still, one day we may want to have tea, with cups and saucers, so I’m getting dog bowls, with much gratitude for my W.VA friend. No more dog food spilling out of those tiny saucers, getting stuck between the cracks in our deck, and driving the dogs insane.

Chester James is a curious, happy tail-wagger. He loves to follow Jack around the yard, because Jack always has a toy in hand. James thinks this is very impressive.

And we think James is impressive. Here is Edisto meeting James. E. looks freaked out, as always, and seems to be saying, “New dog: please don’t kill me.”

James is so friendly that he didn’t even growl, though he did challenge E. to a game of puppy wrestling.

And won, of course. Alas, poor Ed.

Email me if you’re interested in adopting Chester James. Or Edisto, Isla, Abbie Faith, or pups Bradley, Duncan, Elloree, Gaffney, or Hilda.

I’ll close with a photo of Hilda, just because she’s cute. She reminds me of Chester Z.; one half of her face is white, the other half red.

And, FYI: if this pup doesn’t move you, there is a super cute mini dachshund mix at the City of Columbia Animal Shelter. If S. gets mad at me, I’ll just tell him he’s lucky. — that I very nearly came home with two.

Adopted by: Amy Bolger

Renamed: Murphy