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Chester Kincaid

August 25, 2011

Pulled: Thursday August 25, 2011 from City of Columbia Animal Shelter

Rescue commitment: Saturday October 15, 2011 by Nuts for Mutts

Meet Chester K squared:

Chester Kincaid is a 1 year old Basset Hound/Bull Terrier mix, and is arguably the biggest lovable baby to date. I’ve never been kissed so much on the drive home from the animal shelter.

I rescued Kincaid today, because fantastic friend Ashley Smith donated $37 for me to do just that! And, yes, I know that I can’t rescue a dog every time someone donates money to Fisk Fosters, but I think that one new adoption per first donation is doable. So, Ashley, when you donate in September, I’m buying dog food with the money. But, with your first donation, I bought a Basset Hound/Bull Terrier. And named him Kincaid, per your brilliant suggestion. Kincaid isn’t a town/city/county in SC (the process by which I’ve been naming), but George Kincaid WAS a Charlestonian, who has a street named after him.

Howard, my friend at the local animal shelter, was relieved to see Kincaid rescued. Apparently, he’s a shelter favorite but unlucky with prospective adoptive parents. He’s been adopted and returned to the shelter THREE times.

Everyone who has adopted him admits that he’s a love with people of all shapes and sizes, and with other dogs. BUT, he’s a dog, they say, who needs a yard. The Basset side of Kincaid makes him look like a smaller/medium-sized dog. He’s short compared to most of his kennel mates. He has big dog energy and personality, though!

He and Edisto have hit it off. Here’s a photo of them, smiling at each other:

I’ll post again soon with a list of all available fosters. And, no, they’re not all at my house. I’m outsourcing my fostering now. — though I’m thinking that I’ll keep Kincaid here, since we have a large yard. Maybe Scott won’t notice.