The Return Of Kincaid. And Edisto Learns His Lesson. knock on wood. fingers crossed.

Hurrah! Kincaid is back!

For those of you following my blog, you’ll remember that foster Edisto the Wonder Dog keeps breaking out of our backyard fence, and taking friends/sidekicks Abbie Faith and Kincaid with him on adventures. Kincaid is a bit of a dunderhead, though. He’s like the dog in UP, constantly distracted by squirrels, and once separated from his friends, was unable to find his way back.

Luckily, he’s microchipped.

On Wednesday, my friend Howard, from the City of Columbia Animal Shelter, called to tell me that Kincaid had been . . . um . . . apprehended by Animal Control. This was poor Kincaid’s FOURTH time back in the slammer, since he had been adopted and returned three times before I pulled him. Needless to say, he was VERY happy to see me.

And the pups were very happy to see him. See Fairfax, climbing in bed with Uncle Kincaid, and napping contently beside him. Hilda (not pictured) was running in circles.

Those of you following my blog will also remember that I was contacted by someone in local rescue, demanding that I return Edisto. Edisto was pulled from a local rescue rather than a kill shelter, and they keep strict tabs on their dogs. After someone in the neighborhood called to report Edisto roaming (b/c I stupidly left the tag with the rescue organization’s # on him), they said that I could not have one of “their dogs.”

There was a public outcry among my friends. My favorite email was from Casey, who often pup sits for me. Casey was the first person to dub Edisto a Goober, and he subsequently has a soft spot for him.

I’ve roped Casey into countless dog-rescuing adventures. During the summer, I was trying to talk Scott into buying me some land, building Casey a tiny house (see below), and letting him live there rent free if he agreed to feed all of my dogs. I thought the idea was brilliant. Both Scott and Casey rolled their eyes at me.

Casey’s email: “I JUST READ YOUR BLOG!!!!!  IS THE RESCUE TAKING BACK EDISTO!?!?!  WHAT THE HELL!?!?!   Fine.  I agree.  Get me a tiny f**king house and a parcel of land.  He can sleep on my tiny f**king bed.”

I decided to take my mother’s advice and tell them to come and get him, rather than return him myself. Knowing Edisto, he would curl up and die if put in another kennel. Or break out.

Surprisingly, I haven’t heard from them in over a week! Scott thinks they found my blog and read all about Edisto and have decided that they’d “prefer not to,” to quote Melville.

So, our problem became: how do we keep Edisto from breaking out of the fence? A friend of mine came up with the solution. She offered to donate an invisible fence. I hesitated at the idea of shocking Edisto, but Scott was delighted. He installed the fence, put the collar on Edisto that administers the shock, and said, “Edisto, I’m going to light up your ass!”

Note: I only agreed to this, because I realized that getting shocked is better than getting hit by a car. And Edisto was putting not only himself in danger, but Abbie Faith and Kincaid as well. Scott held the collar and touched the fence, before putting it on Edisto, to make sure that the voltage (shudder) was perfect.

Poor Ed.

The next morning, Scott and I watched Edisto and Abbie Faith and Kincaid from the breakfast table. As soon as we let them out, they took off for the fence, Abbie Faith and Kincaid sitting beside it and waiting patiently for E. to work his magic.

As soon as E. touched it, he ran away. Then, he stood and stared at it, with his tail sticking out straight behind him.

Score 1 for the fence.

Abbie Faith and Kincaid looked back at him like he was crazy, so Edisto went to the fence again. And, then, he ran all the way to our wood deck, jumped up on our picnic table, and stared straight at the fence for a full twenty minutes, trying to figure out what happened. We think he thinks he’s being attacked by invisible bees.

Score 2 for the fence.

Scott, of course, was laughing like a crazy person. E. hasn’t ventured out of the backyard again, but the fence has become his new nemesis, and he’ll spend hours a day watching it from atop our picnic table.

Abbie Faith and Kincaid have finally given up on outside-the-fence escapades, since Edisto now refuses to break them out. The result: Kincaid looks for things to amuse him inside the fence, and, being an 8 month old, that mostly involves tearing things up. See my new doormat below:

Welcome back, Kincaid! *sigh*

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