The Adventures of Edisto the Wonder Dog (i.e. his memorable mishaps). And Uncle Kincaid and the Pups

Chester Edisto

Pulled: Thursday June 2, 2011 from a local rescue

Adoption commitment: None; still available

We were worried about how Chester Edisto would react to losing pretty Chester Isla, renamed Lucy, who has found her forever home with Krystal Branch and family. E. has taken it surprisingly well, though, since lately he’s turned his attention to looking-better-by-the-day Chester Abbie Faith.

I watched them one morning. E. is an expert at breaking out of our backyard fence. There has been quite the battle in the Fisk household, between Edisto and Scott.

Battle, the first: E. dug under the chain link fence. S. stacked rocks under the fence. E. moved them. — who knows how. He’s a Wonder Dog, after all.

Battle, the second: S. attached chicken wire to the bottom of the chain link fence, stapling the wire to a buried piece of wood. E. pulled out the staples with his teeth.

Battle, the third: S. attached chicken wire to the bottom of the chain link fence, NAILING the wire to a buried piece of wood. E. stretched the chicken wire with his teeth and squeezed through.

Edisto seems to be breaking out to impress Abbie Faith. She always follows, and he always waits for her on the other side. But, she’s bigger than he is, and often has more trouble getting through. I’ve watched E. on the other side, digging to help her out, while she digs from inside the fence. As soon as she’s through, E.’s tail starts wagging and they’re off.

We’ve gotten several calls, thanks to E.’s “home again” tag, so S. has made several trips to pick them up at whichever house they decide to crash. One day, he had all three of them (Ed, Abbie, and Kincaid) in the bed of his pickup truck, when E. decided to try for the ultimate romantic expression. He jumped from the moving vehicle and waited on the side of the road for Abbie to follow. Smart girl that she is, she did not. So, E. is left with asphalt scratches on his knees and chin. And wounded pride.

Still, Scott admits it was quite the sight. — seeing, from the side view mirror, E. flying through the air, ears flapping in the wind.

Oh, Edisto. You’re such a Wonder Dog. And a Goober.

And, Chester Kincaid

Pulled: Thursday August 25, 2011 from City of Columbia Animal Shelter

Adoption commitment: None; still available

See Kincaid, above, sad because he got in trouble for pulling on and tearing a hole in S.’s hammock. We can’t stay mad at Kincaid, though, because he’s become everyone’s favorite uncle.

Now that Edisto and Abbie Faith have teamed up, Kincaid is left to tend to the pups. — a job he takes very seriously. See, below, his morning ritual of checking on and being mobbed by the youngest six Fisk fosters.

The pups LOVE Kincaid. He’s much more patient with them than their mother. They always seem to hope that he’s developed teats filled with milk during the middle of the night, and Kincaid always stands patiently until they figure out that, no, that did not happen.

Well, he stands patiently until one of them inevitably mistakes his . . . um . . . masculinity for a teat, and then he moves very quickly.

Poor Kincaid.

I always try to come to the rescue quickly with some puppy formula: 1 can of evaporated milk, 1 can of water, an egg, a dab of honey and wet puppy food.

Never being much of a cook, I’m proud of myself for being able to make something that someone seems to think is delicious. And, I’m saving  money in the process, since the puppy powder formula I was buying at the pet store was $25 a can and only lasted a few days.

So, Kincaid stays with the pups while I fix breakfast. Then, they eat. Then, they play and sleep for the rest of the day, with me or Kincaid or the kids or Emily (our fabulous neighbor from across the street), checking on them periodically.

Relieved to be off duty, Abbie Faith avoids them as much as possible and growls at them if they try to nurse . . . which makes Kincaid bark at her angrily . . . which makes E. dislike Kincaid. So, yes, lots of Fisk foster family drama.

Remember: Nearly the entire pack (Abbie Faith, Edisto, Kincaid and 5 of the 6 pups) are available for adoption. Scott says “Remember, PLEASE.” And so does pretty blue-eyed Hilda, below, who would love a forever home.

Upcoming post will feature other current fosters, Chesters Lexi and Mac.

2 Responses to “The Adventures of Edisto the Wonder Dog (i.e. his memorable mishaps). And Uncle Kincaid and the Pups”

  1. Sabra Says:

    Nicole – I LOVE your blog. I check it daily for cute pictures and humor. J says hi.

  2. fisknp Says:

    Aww, thanks Sabra! I have some new puppy pics that I’ll try to post tomorrow, just for you. Hugs to you and J!

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